TUT-Premium Container systems with barrier system

Stainless steel sheet basket with fixations for PARI-Inhalettes

Ventilcontainer - Premium 3in1 Alu

Valve system operates in the principle of the pressure fluctuations and is maintenance free.

Due to the pressure change the valve (spring mechanism) opens whereby the saturated steam flows resp. escapes. The valve plates are pressed to each other during the pressure compensation and the mechanism is closed. (Article-No. ER110.100VA / ER100.040VA)

XL screen perforated basket

XL screen perforated basket

with fixations for scopes





650 x 243 x 97 mm

suitable sterilization container available



Hospital-style bed EVA

The invention and development 

of the toilet bed goes back to the desire 

of a spinal cord tumor qudriplegic man 

who felt that the necessary daily help 

with his personal hygiene was becoming 

an ordeal for his relatives and all caregivers.


The idea of a so-called toilet bed was created in collaboration with a doctor. He also made these experiences

in a similarly oppressive way as part of his home visits to people in need of intensive care.

+  High quality, modern wooden frame

+  Anti-decubitus mattress

+  Electrically adjustable bed

+  Divisible and movable spring frame

+  Mobile undercarriage with mobile toilet or 

    bedpan with or without water flushing and       shower toilet

+  Programming of individual settings

+  Control from the tablet or smartphone

Sterisafe DURO





The Sterisafe DURO sterilization container is made of high quality synthetic material.

Used for steam-, gas (FORM, EO) and H2O2- / plasma-sterilization.

Extremely high impact resistant, suitable for treatment with pH-values > 10.5.

Sterisafe DURO are fitted as standard with long-term filters.

The date stamps are adjusted in the factory to the initial assembly date.

For all Sterisafe DURO containers parts are available as spares.

The fixation strips made of silicone to prevent instruments from slipping

and with minimum contact area to avoid shadowing during washing.

Tray set

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