We offer our customers the possibility to mark our products with a high technology laser machine, with different markings like HIBC, QR or barcodes and more.

If required than the marking of the customer-specific logos are also possible.

To meet the high quality standards of this sector and the company´s internal guidelines, a delivery without marking is not possible.

Marking of medical products


If it is all about the newest Regulations in the medical sector than Ermis MedTech GmbH

is your reliable partner. New and higher quality standards are frequently introduced

and requested in the medical technology.

The regulation authorities demand strict procedures in the Directives.

The marking of medical devices became essential for the safety of the patients, the users

and of a third party to ensure an accurate traceability and clearly identifying the producer. 


The marking of the medical devices can be challenging. Almost every material can be lasered,

however depending on the material characteristics. 


The laser marking is permanently readable and heat-resistant during sterilization.


We are able to help and offer you to apply our labeling system also for your products.


Just a few examples for the most frequent markings: 





• Company logos


• Alphanumeric characters 


• Alphabetic characters in different style


• Codes such as Datamatrix- QR or bar codes


• Complex specification